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A Tennis Racket is your No.1 partner when you are out on the court so buying a good one should be one of the tennis player’s top priorities. It is a tough decision and you should make a wise choice by selecting the racket, which best suits, you and your needs. It depends on your physique and personal preferences as to what kind of racket may be best for you. There are about 15 brands of tennis rackets in the market and we are going to discuss the top brands here.


Wilson is an American company, which is known for providing the best tennis gear in the market. It is one of those industries who have their roots in the meatpacking industry and has used animal by-products to produce some of their first sporting products including natural gut tennis strings. Wilson is best known for their Pro-Staff line, which is being used by Federer and tried out by Sampras. The Williams sisters have also helped this brand reach a new level of status in the market. Wilson deals with some of the latest technologies including Parallel Drilling, S.E.T, Hammer, Amplifeel, BLX, etc.


Babolat is a French brand, which is the inventor of tennis string. They have developed a loyal customer base from multiple racket sports including badminton, tennis and paddle and has become a very trusted and enduring brand. Its popularity has raised significantly in the recent years with the success of some great tennis players like Andy Roddick and Rafael Nadal who used their rackets. Babolat uses Graphite Tungsten, Cortex Active, Aero Beam, Wooder and Aero modular Technology.


The Head is another brand, which has its origin from the United States but has headquarters in Austria, Amsterdam and Kennelbach. It claims to have made the first oversized metal tennis racket. Just like its competitors, Head also has some celebrated players like Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi who made it popular in the 90s. Nowadays, many top players including Maria Sharapova, Andy Murray, and Novak Djokovic trust “Head” and have helped it to become a critical player in the market.


This brand has revolutionized the world of tennis by making the very first tennis ball machine with a reversed vacuum cleaner. Prince was founded in 1970 in the United States and reached the height of its success in 1995 when their Longbody Micheal Change signature rackets become No.1 in the world. The Bryan brothers, John Isner, Kveta Peschke, Jennifer Capriati, Jelena Jankovic, Patrick Rafter and Daniela Hantuchova have helped Prince to continue its legacy.


Founded in the United Kingdom in 1957 and currently based in Surrey, Dunlop is another brand, which provides rackets for multiple racket sports including squash and badminton. Dunlop uses AFG, Hot Melt, Aerogel, HM6 Carbon, MoS2 Grommets, Gecko-Tac Grip and other technologies to make their rackets. A 7-time grand slam winner, John McEnroe, primarily represents Dunlop. Tommy Robredo, Heather Watson, Nicolas Almagro, Jurgen Melzer and Tim Smyczek also use it.


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